Amino Acids

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Product:Amino Acids

Main Products: L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine,γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), D-Aspartic acid,

DL-Aspartic acid, L-Theanine,Beta-Alanine,

N-acetyl-L-cysteine(NAC),BCAA, EAA

Packing: 25kg,1000kg

Documents: ISO9001,Halal, Kosher, Vegan Certificate

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Amino Acid plays very important role for Sports Nutrition,Functional Food and Dietary Supplements. Blueby is the leading exporter for all kinds of Amino Acids with one-stop service.

Here is the catalog for our Amino Acids.

Amino Acids Powder
1 BCAA(Branched Chain Amino Acid) Enterprise Standard 69430-36-0
2 L-Leucine USP37,Fermentation 61-90-5
3 L-Lsoleucine USP24,USP37 73-32-5
4 L-Valine USP24,USP37,AJI97 72-18-4
5 L-Proline USP37,AJI92,EP8 147-85-3
6 L-Glutamine FCC7,USP37 56-85-9
7 L-Phenylalanine FCC7,USP37,AJI97,EP8 63-91-2
8 L-Arginine USP37 74-79-3
9 L-Arginine Hydrochloride USP37 1119-34-2
10 L-Tyrosine USP37 60-18-4
11 L-Serine USP37 56-45-1
12 L-Glutamic acid AJI97 56-86-0
13 L-Asparagine AJI97 70-47-3
14 BETA-Alanine AJI97 107-95-9
15 L-Tryptophan USP37,AJI97,EP8 73-22-3
16 L-Citrulline AJI97 372-75-8
17 L-Histidine AJI97 71-00-1
18 L-Histidine Hydrochloride USP37,AJI97 1007-42-7
19 L-Threonine USP37,AJI97 72-19-5
20 L-Lysine Hydrochloride USP37,AJI97 657-27-2
21 L-Methionine USP37 63-68-3
22 DL-Methionine EP8 59-51-8
23 D-Aspartate AJI97 1783-96-6
24 L-Cystine USP37 56-89-3
25 L-Cysteine AJI97 52-90-4
26 L-Arginine-L-Aspartate AJI97 7675-83-4
27 N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine AJI97 537-55-3
28 N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine AJI97 616-91-1
29 L-Theanine JP2000 3081-61-6
Amino Acids Granule
1 BCAA Granule Enterprise Standard 69430-36-0
2 L-Leucine Granule Enterprise Standard 61-90-5
3 L-Isoleucine Granule Enterprise Standard 73-32-5
4 L-Proline Granule Enterprise standard 72-18-4
5 L-Tryptophan Granule Enterprise Standard 73-22-3
6 L-Tyrosine Granule Enterprise Standard 60-18-4
7 L-Glutamine Granule Enterprise Standard 56-85-9
8 D-Aspartate Granule Enterprise Standard 1783-96-6
9 L-Cystine Particles Enterprise Standard 56-89-3
10 L-Arginine-L-Aspartate Granule Enterprise Standard 7675-83-4
11 Essential Amino Acid/ EAA Enterprise Standard  
Instant Amino Acids
1 Instant BCAA Enterprise Standard 69430-36-0
2 Instant L-Leucine Enterprise Standard 61-90-5
3 Instant L-Isoleucine Enterprise Standard 73-32-5
4 Instant L-Proline Enterprise Standard 72-18-4
Amino Acid Capsules/Amino Acid Hardcapsules/Supplement/Powder, Granules, Tablets, Capsules
1 BCAA Capsule Enterprise Standard Capsule
2 L-Citrulline Capsule Enterprise Standard 372-75-8
3 Mixed Amino Acid Capsule Enterprise Standard Capsule
4 Other Amino Acid Capsules As per order request Capsule

Main Export Markets

Asia:Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia,the Philippines,Vietnam,Turkey, Pakistan,India.

North America: USA, Canada

Latin America: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile,Peru, Ecuador,El Salvador

Europe: Germany, France, UK,Belgium, Holland,Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Czech,Switzerland

CIS: Russia, Belarus,Ukraine,Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.

Packing and Shipment

Packing: 25kg,1000kg or upon clients’ packing request

FOB Port: Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Guangzhou,Dalian, Yantai

Lead Time: 7-10days for Natural Ingredients, 30-35days for Contract Manufacturing Supplements

Payment Terms

Payment Method: T/T Advance, Irrevocable L/C at sight, DP sight,Western Union, PayPal.

We can negotiate about the payment terms and we give payment delay for our strategic business partners.

Competitive Advantages

 Bluebay offers all kinds of Amino Acids Solutions with prompt shipment.

 The CEO of Bluebay has 14 YEARS’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

 Bluebay accepts small trial orders and free sample is available.

 Bluebay is near many pharmaceutical factories and ports, we can ship the cargo out very fast.

 Bluebay has SOP to manage the quality system according to cGMP.

 Bluebay is the dynamic facility with ISO9001, Halal, Kosher, Organic and Vegan Certificate.

 Bluebay accepts Contract Manufacturing for Amino Acids Capsules/BCAA Capsules/EAA Capsules/Tablets/Powders/Amino Acids Sachets/Amino Acids Blend/Amino Acids Dietary Supplements against client’s formula and Private Label and we can SAVE cost for you.

 Bluebay serves the customer with ONE-STOP solution with multiple requirements.

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